Alaska Standard Roofing, Since 1989

Alaska Standard Roofing offers a broad spectrum of roofing services from small repairs to complete roof replacement. We have the experience and certifications from reputable manufacturers to handle any job of any size, with quality materials.

Alaska Standard Roofing takes pride in our finished product. We know that our roofs are protecting everything under them, and our hundreds of years of combined roofing experience assures our work is exceptional and done right the first time.

Owner, Mark Heady, alone has over forty years of roofing experience. He is assisted by his son Brandon, with over 15 years experience. The remaining crew consists of 80% certified journeyman roofers and each has been with the company for 15 years or more.

Alaska Standard Roofing is licensed, bonded, insured and stands by a 2 year workmanship warranty. Roofing materials are warrantied up to 50 years depending on the product requested.

"Alaska's unique environments and climates require a high standard of craftmanship and roofing materials.

We know this, and that's why we're Alaska Standard Roofing."

Moss will retain moisture, or worse, cause rain to become trapped or back up behind siding and flow into walls.Patch jobs that just don't last.Photo by YvonnesVividPhoto.comSkylights are notorious for resulting in damage if they are not installed properly or inspected from time to time.

Examples of Roof Problems

Even the slightest of problems such as moss or improperly installed hardware can lead to drastic consequences. Rain can back up into open spaces, moisture can build in the roof surfaces causing rotting and mold, or worse the entire structure could fail and collapse under heavy snow. Often times home and building owner aren't aware of the problems unitl it's too late. We know what to look for and how to make the repairs.

Missing shingles often go unnoticed
Time and wind can rob you of necessary hardware.
Roofs just don't last forever, and old methods can be improved with new.
Window sill and box rotten can lead to further damage in the roof sheathing.

Roof Emergencies!

Alaska Standard Roofing offers emergency service for leaks and other damage. If a problem exists, call before further damage occurs.

Dial (907) 344-0405

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